Russian Shipyards Suspend Ship Manufacturing for This Reason

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Russian shipyards stop ship production due to lack of funds, foreign parts, states a JPost new source.

Russian shipyards are unable to construct warships

A Vladivostok shipyard was allegedly unable to meet 25 billion rubles worth of government orders.

Some Russian shipyards are unable to construct warships or conduct maintenance on vessels due to financial hardships and lack of foreign components, the Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate (GUR) claimed on Saturday.

A Vladivostok shipyard was allegedly unable to meet 25 billion rubles worth of government orders to build two tankers, two missile boasts, and to maintain and repair other vessels, GUR claimed.

A supposed internal Russian Defense Ministry report obtained by GUR said that a lack of foreign components was preventing the construction of warships parts and naval warfare systems, such as steering columns, navigations systems, radio stations, and charges for naval artillery shells.

GUR previously asserted on March 25 that the general Russian defense industry was unable to meet its production contracts for munitions and vehicles due to rising costs and the inability to obtain electronics and components normally purchased from countries now sanctioning Russia.

“It is obvious that the Russian military-industrial complex remains dependent on imported high technologies,” wrote GUR on Saturday. “Without the supply of which Russia is unable to continue production of modern weapons.”

The alleged internal Russian report states that the defense contractors are unable to find local or Asian substitutes for sanctioned components. On April 2, GUR alleged that electronics, materials and optics needed for producing modern military equipment and vehicles were being smuggled into Russia from Georgia and East Asia.

Loss of key foreign components

According to GUR, due to the loss of key foreign components and the cost of raw materials, Russia may have to produce older components and vehicles – in the case of one factory, equipment purportedly developed from as far back as the 1960s – instead of modern gear.

In late March, the Intelligence Directorate claimed that Russia is attempting to restore old military equipment held in long-term storage to replace losses suffered during its invasion of Ukraine but it is encountering difficulty in doing so because of corruption and the poor condition of the equipment.

“Optical devices and electronics containing precious metals were stolen from the combat vehicles,” said GUR. The intelligence body reported that many of the 4th Tank Division’s mothballed tanks were “completely dismantled,” and that some did not have engines.

The intelligence agency also claimed on Saturday that Russian Defense Ministry staff are being laid off due to financial difficulties since the beginning of the month.

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Source: JPost