ABS Makes Significant Investments For The Digital Future Of The Industry


  • ABS is making significant strides in the maritime industry with the launch of Eagle Unified™, a cutting-edge vessel design verification tool, and an enhanced MyFreedom™ Client Portal.
  • These advancements aim to facilitate innovation, modernize processes, and drive the frontiers of safety and efficiency.
  • With a focus on supporting next-generation vessel designs, ABS is at the forefront of integrating advanced digital technology into the maritime sector.

Complete with over 100 user-requested features, streamlined vessel applications, and an enhanced user experience, ABS has launched Eagle Unified™, an industry-leading structural design verification software tool. The launch is the latest in a series of investments in major new engineering capabilities delivered by ABS in recent weeks.

Eagle Unified™ is a single tool that can support multiple vessel types, with containership and LNGC capabilities available at launch. Future releases will incorporate LPG, ammonia, hydrogen, and CO2 carriers.

Statements from ABS Leadership

“It’s a new and dynamic technological world, and ABS is investing in our software and services to make sure we remain on the cutting edge, supporting our clients to take advantage of the capabilities and efficiencies that these advanced new ways of working can deliver,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman and CEO. “These products are designed to facilitate innovation, modernize processes and drive forward the frontiers of safety, delivering a best-in-class experience for our clients.”

Enhanced Client Portal and Rule Enhancements

Eagle Unified™ follows the launch of an enhanced ABS MyFreedom™ Client Portal. This platform is built on a product lifecycle management backbone and features a more modern, responsive, comprehensive, and streamlined interface for engineering clients. The upgraded platform is designed to manage data-heavy, next-generation engineering tools such as 3D plans, integrated computer-aided engineering models, simulations, streaming data, and other digital assets, ultimately creating a fully scalable digital twin system for compliance and safety. The system also features seamless integration of client files for easier collaboration, faster search capabilities, automated reports, and comprehensive lifecycle management from concept to operation.

In January 2024, ABS delivered the ABS Rule Enhancements program, which enables the safe and rapid adoption of innovation and technology impacting next-generation vessel designs and equipment. ABS Marine Vessel Rules now include an extensive set of newly developed functional requirements and a standardized risk-based methodology, providing a path for class approval.

Driving Industry Forward

“The improvements we are introducing are dramatic and will enhance collaboration and communication across the industry while streamlining our work processes. ABS is pioneering a new way of working that capitalizes on the latest advances in digital technology that supports the design and development of the next generation of vessels, right at a time when the industry needs Class to support the many new vessel designs that are rapidly emerging,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

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