Ocean Technologies Group And WISTA International Join Forces To Drive Maritime Gender Diversity


  • Ocean Technologies Group (OTG), the leading global provider of Human Capital Management solutions for the maritime industry, has signed an agreement with WISTA International, the global network for women in shipping.
  • The partnership will provide WISTA members with a suite of OTG e-learning resources, empowering them to advance their maritime careers and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Access to Ocean Learning Platform

The new agreement gives 200 WISTA Members access to the Ocean Learning Platform (OLP) and a comprehensive range of learning titles covering maritime regulatory, safety, and risk-based courses for shoreside personnel. Additionally, WISTA Members will have access to material on interpersonal and behavioural soft skill development, including communication, teamwork, and adaptability, equipping them with the tools to become stronger maritime leaders.

Statements from Leaders

“As an industry, we recognise the critical importance of supporting women in maritime and promoting gender diversity and inclusion,” said Raal Harris, Chief Creative Officer. “This partnership with WISTA International represents a significant step forward in our collective efforts to address gender disparities in the maritime industry. We hope access to our content resources will help to spearhead a wave of female talent progressing in their chosen fields and encourage more women to choose shipping as a career,” he added.

Elpi Petraki, President of WISTA International, underscored the transformative impact of this initiative:

“Not only will the OLP provide our Members with the training they need to help develop their careers, but they will also be able to track their progress to gain insights into specific areas of improvement and the next steps to attain their own personal goals. It is all about making sure our Members feel empowered and in control of their own destinies.”

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

This collaboration underscores the shared vision of OTG and WISTA International to foster an inclusive and diverse maritime industry. By providing women with the necessary training and resources, this initiative aims to break down barriers and create a more equitable environment within the sector. The collaboration between OTG and WISTA International is poised to make a significant impact, encouraging more women to pursue careers in maritime and supporting those already in the industry to reach new heights.

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Source: OceanTG


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