ABS Qualifies Amogy’s Ammonia-To-Electrical System


ABS, a leading provider of maritime classification services, has issued a New Technology Qualification (NTQ) for Amogy’s innovative ammonia-to-electrical power system. This breakthrough technology holds promise for sustainable energy solutions in industries like maritime shipping and power generation.

Transformative Technology: Amogy’s Ammonia-to-Electrical Power System

Amogy’s system breaks liquid ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen, channelling the hydrogen into a fuel cell for high-performance power generation. This process offers a clean and sustainable energy solution tailored for various sectors.

Accelerating Decarbonization: ABS’s Role in Supporting Innovative Solutions

ABS’s assessment of Amogy’s integrated reactor system showcases a significant step forward in the development of alternative fuels for maritime applications. By certifying this technology’s maturity and safety, ABS contributes to global decarbonization efforts.

Collaboration for Industry Adoption: Advancing Technology with ABS

Receiving the NTQ from ABS marks a milestone for Amogy, validating the safety, viability, and maturity of their ammonia-powered solution. The collaboration between ABS and Amogy signifies a commitment to advancing sustainable technologies in the maritime industry.

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Source: ABS