Utilizing 3D Models In Design Phase Of Ship Construction


Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (“NYK”) and its group company MTI Co., Ltd. (“MTI”), in collaboration with Smert Design Co. Ltd. (“Smert Design”), have launched a trial to utilize 3D models in the initial design phase of ship construction.

Facilitate Smooth Decision Making 

This trial aims to model 3D design information of existing similar and sister vessels and facilitate smooth decision-making by both shipyards and shipping companies for the exchange of requests, ideas, comments, etc., on the same system for the design applicable to this ship.

By visualizing the completed ship at an early design stage, the ship design can be understood intuitively. Furthermore, the use of the same system by all parties involved reduces the work and processes required for design. This enables earlier decision-making regarding ship design, which has become more complex recently.

In addition, by utilizing the 3D design as a 3D model-based ship management tool called “Digital Finished Plans” and by converting the finished plans,**** which were conventionally delivered as 2D drawings after completion of the ship, into 3D, we expect to reduce the workload on crew members in understanding the drawings.

Reducing Workload 

The conventional ship design process has been a long-established method in which the shipping company repeatedly reviews the plan drawings designed by the shipyard for approval. Although this method has been established for many years, it has been a challenge to shorten the construction period because of the approval process and the time required for the related parties to understand the drawings.

The two companies will verify the effectiveness of BDP in reducing workload and improving the system based on the results. In the future, the two companies will contribute to DX in the shipbuilding and shipping industries through the widespread use of this system.

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Source: NYK