[Watch] Ship Out of Control



The vessel was stuck in reverse and when the captain ordered full power to slow her down the vessel gained speed in reverse.  Resulting in a collision with the main pier bulkhead and a floating dock on the water and 3 smaller boats.

Comments :

MrBugsier5 5 months ago

nice rescue from the small tugboat on portside, pushed it straight between the moored yachts, bad luck on the mis start of the engine!

jayson lima 1 year ago

if you listen really carefully you can hear 4 distinct rings from her eot the first one is a standard change of engine order the next 3 say it’s an emergency order what likely happened was the engine room in there rush to switch from astern to an ahead bell 1 didn’t give the valve leads time to catch up with the restart causing her engine to start back up in reverse 2, the valve lead linkage stuck outright 3, the bell was answered before checking the ahead indicator (mechanical dial type indicator) 4 failed indicator.

Source: IIIIIRepoIIIII On YouTube