Who is The 3rd Largest Shipbuilder in The World?



Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a South Korea based worldwide leading manufacturer of smartphones is known for its new end phones like the Galaxy S6 edge and the Galaxy Note 5.  But, Samsung, a conglomerate based in Seoul encompasses several other companies, with some of them occupying top world positions in their respective fields.  Other than Samsung Electronics, another important branch of the company is Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), which is the 3rd largest shipbuilder in the world as of June 2014.  Everything is big over there and currently the company is working on the largest floating vessel the world has ever seen, the Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) platform Prelude, a monster 488 meters (1,601 ft) long vessel ordered by Shell for extracting natural gas from the Australian coast.  The Prelude is to be towed by tugboats in order to swim around. At a cost of around $12 billion, it will be ready by 2017.

SHI is also building the world’s largest container ships for Japanese shipping line Mitsui OSK.  At 396 meters (1,300 feet) long and about 60m (193 feet) wide, these ships will be too large for crossing the Panama Canal and will be able to carry 20.000 containers, which is a lot – and Samsung is building 3 of these.  With a cost of $609 million, it will be ready in 2017.  The shipyard has also built several other large container ships, cruise ships, and oil rigs.  Although these numbers are huge and impressive, Samsung still makes most of its money from selling smartphones.  While the shipyard had a revenue of $11.8 billion in 2014, Samsung Electronics (Galaxy smartphones and tablets) brought in revenues of $44.7 billion only in Q3 2015.

Source: Android News


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