AI Platform To Reduce Fuel Consumption


The fuel consumption of Cetasol’s digital platform, iHelm, which was first tested on Swedish ferry traffic, is said to be reduced by 10 to 25% as reported by Bunkerspot.

Energy efficiency 

The platform was initially developed in conjunction with Semcon, which provided expertise in software and AI, hardware, IoT and UX.

A ferry’s fuel consumption can vary by as much as 60% whilst travelling on the same route, and one of the most influential factors on consumption is how the captain navigates the vessel.

Since January 2020, the platform has been tested on ferry traffic in the Gothenburg archipelago, as well as other locations worldwide.

The platform also offers the same potential for energy efficiency in future electric or even automated operations.

Ethan Faghani, CEO at Cetasol, commented: “The current platform processes large amounts of data from different sources, such as driving patterns from experienced captains, weather data, GPS positioning and ocean currents.”


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Source: Bunkerspot 


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