AI Waves: WISTA Challenge Europort 2023


Shipping is being taken to the next level through AI automation to yield optimal results as well as safety enhancement. WISTA International challenged the industry to embrace Europort 2023, encouraging them to train more women. Kongsberg Digital was focusing on responsible testing and human-AI collaboration, and Seabird Technology was planning to use AI for the prediction of maintenance. However, the slow pace at which the maritime industry embraces art may continue to be the issue.

AI’s Impact on Shipping 

The changing nature of shipping through artificial intelligence brings forth operational efficiencies and safety improvements.t The predictions are that there are going to be significant advancements in AI over the coming five to ten years. As such, industrywide training should be carried out to prepare the industry. It emphasises responsible testing and human-AI coordination according to Kongsberg Digital, meanwhile, SeaBird Technologies intends to utilise an AI for predictive maintenance. Still, some worries remain as the maritime sector adopts AI at a snail’s pace.

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Source: riviera