Algal Biofuel: The Next Energy Revolution?

Credit: ckstockphoto/Pixabay

Carbon Neutral Fuel

To reduce carbon emissions, the favored road has been to replace combustion engines and thermal power plants with alternatives like EVs and renewable energies. But this is not always easy.

For example, airplanes have for now no realistic pathway to run on electric power, as batteries are too heavy to fly. And even if we finally reach this point, it will take decades for the existing fleet to be renewed.

Other advantages stem from the practicality of liquid fuels. They are easy to store in massive volumes for emergencies. They can stay stable for months or even years. And they are easy to carry by tanker or pipes. This makes them ideal for remote locations, military uses, and shipping.

Until some revolutionary new technology emerges, there will be a persistent demand for liquid fuel. So the challenge is finding liquid fuels which are not reliant on the supply of fossil fuels.

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