In The Great Lakes Region, Tanzania Sails The Biggest Ship

Credit: Daniele D’Andreti/Unsplash

Tanzania is operating the biggest ship in East Africa around Lake Victoria’s seas and ports, as reported by Tanzania Times.

Maiden voyage

The MV Mwanza, also known as “Hapa Kazi Tu,” is berthed in Victoria’s southern port.

On Sunday, February 12, 2023, the ship officially embarks on its maiden voyage into the depths of Africa’s largest lake.

The new MV Mwanza, which was being constructed in Tanzania on the banks of Lake Victoria, has a length of 93 metres and can accommodate 1200 passengers.

The enormous ship’s passenger spaces are separated into three classes: economy, business, and first-class (VIP), each with its own amenities and modern conveniences.

Biggest ship

The MV Mwanza can transport 20 automobiles in addition to 400 tonnes of cargo.

In essence, the Tanzania-built MV Mwanza is the biggest ship in Africa’s Great Lakes region, which includes the East and Central African Region’s Lakes Kivu, Albert, Nyasa, Rukwa, Victoria, and Tanganyika.

Moreover, it will provide service to Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, the three nations bordering Lake Victoria.

The so-called “Lake Victoria Titanic” travels between the ports of Mwanza and Bukoba in Tanzania, Kisumu in Kenya, and Port Bell in Kampala, Uganda’s Nakawa District.

Variety of operations 

Tanzania’s Lake Victoria coastline is home to 31 active ports, although the MV Mwanza will likely only dock at the biggest three or four of those.

The Mwanza South Port and Mwanza North Port are the two largest ports on Lake Victoria.

Both ports have connections to the nation’s highways and railroads as well as those of its neighbours, and they both feature a variety of facilities, including weighbridges, oil tanks, workshops, and passenger lounges, to support a variety of lake operations.

If MV Mwanza trips will also carry the enormous ship to some of the sizable Islands circling Lake Victoria is still unknown.


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Source: Tanzania Times


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