All You Need To Know About The Largest Cruise Ship In The World!


The world’s largest cruise ship, complete with 20 decks and six waterslides, is getting ready to set sail for the first time.

How Big Is It?

A seven-year building process in Finland resulted in a ship that’s 1,198 feet long and features 20 decks. It can carry more than 7,000 passengers, and combined with the crew, will hold nearly 10,000 people — the size of a small city. At 250,800 gross tons and nearly 1,200 feet long, it makes the Titanic look like a tugboat. For comparison, the Titanic was 882.9 feet long and 46,328 gross tons.

Amenities Provided 

There are eight “neighborhoods” geared to all different experiences, from the shopping area of “Central Park” to the pools and cabanas of “Chill Island.” They also are in proximity to one another so parents can relax in the pool while the kids go flying down one of the six slides in the nearby water park area of “Thrill Island.” “You’re not competing with another cruise, you’re competing with any other vacation a family would want to do,” Royal Caribbean senior vice president Jay Schneider told Brock on TODAY.

In keeping with the theme of the ship, a bar named “Swim & Tonic” is the largest swim-up bar ever put on a cruise ship, according to Schneider.

There also is a three-story glass structure known as “The Pearl,” which Schneider said is the world’s largest “kinetic” art sculpture.

How Much Does It Cost?

A seven-night round trip from Miami to the eastern Caribbean that includes a stop at Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas costs an average of $2,019 per person, according to the cruise line’s website. It’s an average of $1,809 for the package without the stop at the island. That package also includes stops in St. Thomas and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The demand for that journey is so overwhelming that the earliest trip currently being booked is for Oct. 11, 2025.

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Source: AoI