Innovative Solutions: BIO-SEA B-Series Enhances Ship Sustainability


BIO-UV Group, a leading provider of innovative water treatment solutions, has announced a significant contract with SIEM Ship Management for the supply and installation of their BIO-SEA Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

Retrofit Installation & About the Vessels

The order, for retrofit installation to the Siem Copernicus, Siem Curie and Siem Socrates, is the latest in a series of deliveries of BIO-SEA B-Series equipment for installation onboard around a dozen SIEM Ship Management reefer vessels since 2021.

In this latest order, BIO-UV Group’s maritime division will provide B02 BIO-SEA BWTS units with a medium to high flow rate of 300m3 per hour.

The Siem Copernicus and Siem Curie, constructed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, boast a capacity of up to 3,205 cars each and were delivered in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The Siem Socrates, built by Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry in 2010, accommodates up to 4,900 cars and showcases SIEM Ship Management’s commitment to operational excellence.

CEO’s Perspective

“We are delighted that our ongoing highly successful partnership with SIEM Ship Management, in which we have supplied BIO-SEA systems for reefer vessels, has continued with the latest order for retrofitting BIO-SEA B-Series equipment on three car carriers,” said Laurent-Emmanuel Migeon, CEO of BIO-UV Group. “This order clearly demonstrates SIEM’s confidence in BIO-UV Group’s innovative Ballast Water Treatment System solutions.”

Other SIEM ships fitted with BIO-SEA systems have included the reefer ships Star First, Star Prima, Caribbean Star, Colombian Star, Costarican Star, Wellington Star, Solent Star, Southampton Star, Cote D’ivoirian Star and the still to be commissioned Dunedin Star.

Benefits of BIO-SEA B-Series

BIO-SEA B-Series offers ship operators the ideal balance between cost, performance, and reliability, with cost-effective, simple installation and maintenance. The UV chemical-free system is approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the US Coast Guard (USCG). Benefits include zero by-product, zero active substances and zero-induced corrosion in pipes or ballast tanks.

“Our Ballast Water Treatment Systems deliver a safe, sustainable solution to protect marine biodiversity and prevent invasive species from developing across oceans,” said Migeon. “We have built our state-of-the-art solutions on more than 30 years of experience in UV technology for water disinfection across the group, and a growing number of clients from across the industry value our systems for their optimum design, high quality, and excellent levels of reliability.”

Environmental Commitment

SIEM Ship Management’s commitment to the environment is demonstrated in its membership of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), an industry-led organisation that promotes sustainable marine industry best practices and focuses on educating seafarers, students, and the public about the protection of the global ocean, lake, and river resources.

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Source: Bio-UV