Antwerp Euroterminal Pioneers Belgium’s First Shore Power Installation for Seagoing Vessels


Antwerp Euroterminal (AET) is set to install Belgium’s first shore power connection for seagoing vessels, marking a significant step towards the greening of ports. This innovative installation will be operational by 2026 and will comply with international ISO standards, as announced by the company.

Environmental and Operational Benefits
Shore power provides docked vessels with electricity from the local grid, significantly reducing emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and particulate matter. This results in improved local air quality and reduced environmental noise. The technology allows ships to connect to the grid via a socket on the quay, offering an environmentally friendly and quiet alternative to running onboard generators.

Scope and Specifications of the Shore Power Installation
AET will install two fixed shore power connections specifically for car carriers and con-ro vessels. As Europe’s largest multipurpose terminal and a key part of the Grimaldi Group, AET is pioneering this initiative despite the EU’s requirement for container vessels to have shore power by 2030 not extending to ro-ro and con-ro vessels. This future-proof installation will be the first of its kind in the port of Antwerp-Bruges and Belgium.

Investment and Support for the Project
The High Voltage Onshore Power As a Service (HOPaS) consortium, consisting of Techelec, Yuso, and Whitewood, will manage the investment, installation, and operation of the shore power solution at AET. The project, which will cost between €25 to €30 million, has received a €4 million subsidy from the Flemish Agency for Innovation (VLAIO). The installation will feature two shore connections with a total capacity of 5MW, primarily serving Grimaldi’s new ro-ro vessels.

Future Expansion and Sustainability Efforts
The installation will utilize 100% green electricity, initially produced by three wind turbines on the terminal site, operated by Wind aan de Stroom. Additional capacity will come from solar panels on the terminal’s parking garage roof and two more planned wind turbines. A large battery system will store the generated green energy to optimize its use. Designed for future expansion, the shore power system will accommodate more vessels as needed.

Commitment of Port of Antwerp-Bruges to Greening Initiatives
For the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, shore power is a crucial component of their environmental strategy. The port already offers numerous connection points for barges and tugs, and by 2026, quayside electricity will be available for cruise ships in Zeebrugge. The port is also dedicated to providing shore power for the largest container ships by 2028, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable port operations.


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Source: Portnews