Sailors’ Society Cadet Conferences 2024: Equipping Future Seafarers with Wellbeing Skills


Maritime cadets from around the globe are invited to participate in the Sailors’ Society Cadet Conferences 2024, which will focus on developing well-being skills essential for future seafarers. This fully virtual conference will provide a unique platform for cadets to learn from and engage with industry leaders.

Focus on Wellness and Mental Health
The conference will emphasize crucial topics such as wellness and mental health, featuring interactive sessions, practical advice, and presentations from prominent regional and global industry leaders and influencers. These sessions aim to equip cadets with the necessary skills to manage their well-being throughout their maritime careers.

Global Participation and Funding
More than 6,000 students from maritime schools and colleges in North Asia, South East Asia, Africa, the UK, and Europe are expected to attend. The TK Foundation is sponsoring the conferences in North Asia, South East Asia, and Africa, while the Baltic Exchange is funding the UK and Europe events. These events are tailored by the leading welfare charity to address the key issues faced by today’s seafarers.

Importance of the Conferences for Maritime Cadets
Sailors’ Society CEO, Sara Baade, highlighted the significance of these conferences, noting that in 2023, less than a quarter of cadets had been to sea. This underscores the importance of preparing the next generation of seafarers with essential wellness skills. Feedback from previous conferences indicated that cadets felt more needed to be done during their training to prepare them for the challenges at sea, making these conferences indispensable for maritime students.

Virtual Conference Experience
The 2024 conferences will continue the success of the past three years, with the Sailors’ Society partnering again with digital solutions provider FrontM. This collaboration will offer cadets a comprehensive virtual experience, including a virtual conference center with a lobby, auditorium, and exhibition hall featuring various industry stands.

Conference Dates and Details
The conference dates for 2024 are as follows:
– North Asia: August 22
– Africa: September 19
– South East Asia: October 5
– UK and Europe: November 6

These conferences present a valuable opportunity for maritime cadets to gain crucial skills and insights for their future careers in the seafaring industry.


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Source: Sea News