Are We Communicating Correctly?


DrVisPhoto passportThere is a very interesting and equally sad true story.

Two classmates,  boy and a girl, liked each other very much.  They kept longing for each other.  He hoped that she will throw a hint and she hoped that he will propose. Neither of this happened.  They grew apart, married other persons, lost their spouses and came together after 50 years.

He told her I always wanted to marry you.  She told him why did you not propose? He asked her why you didn’t give a hint that you were interested in me.  She said why did you not read it in my eyes or body language?

Big Big communication failure!

All too often failure in communication has led to very undesirable and often tragic results. What are the fundamentals of communication that we must remember?

  1. Any failure in communication is always the failure of the communicator.
  2. The communicator must always check and ensure that his ‘communication’ reached the target and was understood correctly.
  3. It is never, never the fault of the receiver of the communication.
  4. If you do not attach enough importance to communication, you can never succeed in communication.

As an organization, Viswa Lab deals with citizens from 67 countries! They are supposed to speak the same language but what they mean and what they say are two very different things.  We have learnt the hard way that we must make our communications short, clear and precise.  No extended sentences. Many people today will go crazy if they read “Les Miserables” written by Victor Hugo where one sentence runs 823 words. It is also important to use simple words repetitively.  Many new learners of English language would be highly confused if you ordered them to “bring a book” the first time and told them to “fetch a book” the second time! The most foolproof way would be to communicate in terms of computer language where for each question there are two answers Yes/No and for each question there are options that you have to choose.  It is difficult to go wrong here.

 Therefore, if people don’t do what you asked them to do, do not jump to the conclusion that they are disobeying you or they are against you.  First check your communication.  You can assign blame only after this check.



Viswa Lab.


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