Arkas Line’s Eco-Friendly Fleet Expansion


Arkas Line, a Turkish box carrier, has made significant strides in expanding its fleet with the order of four 4,300 TEU container ships from China’s CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding. This move not only enhances Arkas’ operational capacity but also aligns with its sustainability strategy, marking its first new building order in nearly eight years.

Sustainability Drive

Arkas’ decision to invest in eco-designed container ships underscores its commitment to sustainability. These new-generation vessels will incorporate advanced fuel performance measurement systems, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Strategic Fleet Enhancement

The addition of four 4,300 TEU container ships reflects Arkas’ strategic vision for fleet expansion. With a focus on modernization and efficiency, these vessels are expected to bolster Arkas’ operational capabilities, enabling the company to meet evolving market demands effectively.

Market Expansion and Partnership Synergies

Arkas’ collaboration with Hapag-Lloyd and participation in the Mediterranean – US East Coast USX service signifies its growing presence in key trade routes. The potential deployment of the new ships on routes like North Europe-West Africa highlights Arkas’ pursuit of diversified trade opportunities, leveraging its strategic partnerships for market expansion.

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Source: Container News