NWSA’s Strategic Initiative: Promoting Maritime Excellence


The Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) is initiating a comprehensive incentive program aimed at bolstering international container rail cargo volumes and enhancing service delivery within the Seattle and Tacoma harbours. With a commitment of $11 million, this program is strategically designed to drive intermodal cargo growth, improve vessel schedule reliability, and optimize marine terminal operations.

Voyage Consistency & On-Time Arrival Award Program

The NWSA introduces a reward program incentivizing ocean carriers to maintain reliable voyage schedules, promoting consistency and on-time performance. With a $1 million reward pool, top-performing carriers stand to receive cash rewards, encouraging adherence to program standards and fostering downstream benefits to cargo fluidity and capacity.

International Container Rail Cargo Incentive

An $8 million allocation aims to stimulate intermodal rail cargo to/from inland U.S. markets, offering incentives for incremental year-over-year rail volumes. Eligible cargo utilizing BNSF and Union Pacific railroads, including inland rail hubs connected to the NWSA gateway, will receive $100 per lift, driving growth in intermodal transportation.

Gate Operation Incentive

Recognizing the pivotal role of gate operations in ensuring efficient cargo flow and trucker experience, the NWSA dedicates $2 million to streamline terminal operations. Funding will support terminals offering consistent gate hours and extended services, mitigating traffic impacts and enhancing operational efficiency.

This initiative underscores the NWSA’s commitment to collaboration across supply chain stakeholders, aiming to provide best-in-class service to shippers and the local trucking community. By incentivizing key aspects of the supply chain, the program aims to drive increased cargo volumes, schedule reliability, and operational efficiency, building upon the success of previous rail incentive programs.

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