Available: 300 free systems. Wanted: 300 ships


A Worthy Offer For Ships To Avail At Free-of-Charge

Are you geared up?  There are only 300 Free Systems.

Mona.jpg The STM Validation Project is turning visions into reality. The shipping domain is currently taking giant steps when it comes to information technology. Ships will no longer be separate units in the logistic chain. They will be connected to all the concerned stakeholders: ports, cargo owners, pilots, VTS services etc.

The predecessor project, MONALISA 2.0 (www.monalisaproject.eu), defined a need for validating STM in ports and on board ships supported by service centers on shore. 300 STM-Systems will be installed on board ships.  It will be developed and installed by ECDIS-manufacturers free-of-charge, and start running live in 2017.

The ships will then be able to use services to further optimize routes, share route information with other test vessels and service center to increase safety and with participating ports to optimize the port calls.

If you want your ships to be part of the future and help shaping it, please ask your ECDIS supplier to apply to the tendering on tendsign.com.

Which will be the first 300 ships in the world to test and validate Sea Traffic Management (STM) with updated systems free-of-charge? Maybe yours?


Source: Monalisaproject