Big Boost For Big Ships: Kongsberg Maritime Unveils Powerful New Thruster


  • Kongsberg Maritime has announced the expansion of its ULE PM retractable thruster portfolio with the introduction of the ULE PM 255.
  • This new model caters specifically to the needs of larger vessels across various applications.

Kongsberg Maritime is making waves in the maritime industry with the launch of the ULE PM 255, a powerful new thruster designed specifically for larger vessels. This innovative addition to their ULE PM retractable thruster line promises to enhance performance and efficiency for a wide range of applications. Let’s delve deeper and explore how the ULE PM 255 addresses the needs of today’s biggest ships.

Features and Benefits

  • Space-Saving Design: The ULE PM thruster boasts a unique, integrated electric prime mover positioned low within the steering gear. This innovative design saves over a meter of vertical space in the engineering compartment, making it the most compact retractable unit available for its power class. Additionally, it allows for a straightforward, single-day installation process.
  • Ideal for Large Vessels: The ULE PM 255 is specifically designed to address the requirements of larger vessels, including wind installation vessels, shuttle tankers, and other substantial offshore operations. Its compact size, combined with high power density and simplified installation, makes it a cost-effective solution.
  • Enhanced Reliability and Performance: The thruster prioritizes reliability and delivers exceptional thrust, making it ideal for vessels utilizing Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems that require precise maneuvering capabilities.

Addressing Customer Needs

Pasi Villanen, Product Line Manager at Kongsberg Maritime, highlights the development’s focus on customer feedback: “We’ve developed this latest solution for larger vessels, responding directly to customer input. This includes wind installation vessels, shuttle tankers, and other substantial offshore vessels. Our commitment to robust and reliable design principles ensures we deliver dependable products to our customers.”

Versatility and Support

Similar to its smaller counterparts, the ULE PM 255 offers a versatile Combi unit option. This unit functions as both an azimuth thruster and a tunnel thruster when retracted. Kongsberg Maritime’s expertise in hull interaction design further optimizes the performance of this combi-solution.

Furthermore, Kongsberg Maritime offers comprehensive lifecycle services for its thruster range. A global service team provides support, along with advanced monitoring solutions that empower informed decision-making and optimized maintenance scheduling.

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Source: Kongsberg