IKEA Partners With Charity To Champion Seafarer Rights


  • IKEA and The Mission to Seafarers announce a new partnership to raise awareness about seafarer welfare and improve working conditions in the maritime industry.
  • IKEA, the global furniture retailer, has partnered with The Mission to Seafarers (MtS), a renowned maritime welfare charity.
  • This significant collaboration, unveiled on the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Day of the Seafarer, aims to enhance the well-being of seafarers who play a vital role in global trade, including those transporting IKEA products across the oceans.

The three-year partnership centers around a training program for IKEA employees titled “All you need to know about Seafarers.” This program, launched in May 2024, educates IKEA staff about the realities of life at sea, the challenges faced by seafarers, and their essential role within the IKEA supply chain.

By equipping IKEA employees with this knowledge, the partnership aims to promote responsible sourcing practices and ensure seafarers transporting IKEA goods receive proper protection and support.

A Collaborative Effort

The partnership originated from discussions during the peak of the pandemic’s shore leave crisis. Recognizing the plight of seafarers, IKEA has proactively prioritized their well-being, setting a commendable standard for other cargo owners to follow.

Quotes and Acknowledgements

      • Ben Bailey, Director of Programme at The Mission to Seafarers, applauds IKEA’s commitment, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with IKEA… This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to ensuring seafarers…receive the recognition…they deserve.”
      • Elisabeth Munck af Rosenschöld, IKEA’s Global Sustainability Manager, emphasizes the importance of seafarers highlighting the wellbeing of seafarers.

Building a Better Standard

The bespoke training program delves into various topics, including seafarer working conditions, family life, legal frameworks, and regulations protecting their rights. This knowledge empowers IKEA to contribute to positive change in the maritime industry.

Raising Public Awareness

By joining forces on the Day of the Seafarer, IKEA and MtS aim to raise public awareness about the vital role of seafarers in global trade. They encourage stakeholders within the shipping industry to prioritize seafarer well-being and uphold their rights.

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