Boeing Historic 787’s Landing


  • A Boeing 787 carrying 300 passengers successfully.
  • Focusing on research work.
  • Emphasize environmental benefits.

A breakthrough occurred as a Boeing 787 Dreamliner landed in Antarctica, carrying over 300 passengers and researchers, marking a pioneering event in aviation, reports Sky News.

Remarkable Landing 

While this landing represents a breakthrough, there are no immediate plans for commercial flights, as the focus remains on optimizing logistics for research purposes.

 The landing on the 3,000-meter blue ice runway, operational from October to March, holds promise for improved logistics without immediate plans for commercial flights.

Emphasizing Environmental Benefits

 Despite up to 10 annual trips, the prospect of larger planes could streamline transportation while emphasizing environmental benefits through reduced emissions. Norse Atlantic Airways, thrilled to contribute, acknowledged the historic moment, expressing gratitude for being entrusted with this remarkable flight.

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Source: Sky News