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Employees now own the naval architectural and marine engineering collaboration known as Boksa Marine Design (BMD). On August 1, BMD President Nick Boksa, P.E. changed the company’s ownership structure from a privately held company to one that is based on partnerships, making five important engineers and naval architects minority stakeholders.

Partnership goal 

With BMD’s 20th anniversary on the horizon, its crew of young, highly skilled employee-owners will guide BMD well into the future, with Nick Boksa at the helm.

The goal of this partnership is to ensure long-term adequacy and continuity of resources to meet the growing and evolving needs of our industry.

“BMD has become much more than an on-demand outsourced provider, but rather a long-term strategic partner to our clients.”

Headquartered in Lithia, FL, just east of Tampa, Boksa Marine Design provides a wide array of expertise and practical experience in the design and construction of steel, aluminium and composite vessels.

Clients include US-based commercial marine and military shipyards, owners and operators as well as an international clientele of builders and government agencies around the world.

The Partners

The employee-owners of BMD include Josh Trupia, a marine and mechanical engineer responsible for mechanical and structural engineering, piping systems schematics, 2-D and 3-D pipe routing, production engineering and propulsion system arrangements.

Josh is a graduate of the State University of New York Maritime College and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Marine Engineering. Earlier in 2022, Josh relocated from our Florida headquarters to Arkansas to better geographically integrate our naval engineering resources within the inland river market. He is concentrating on tugs, barges and towboats for operators and shipyards on the Arkansas, Mississippi, Ouachita, White Rivers, and the inland market as a whole.

Naval architect and marine engineer Jeff Kuenning is now BMD’s Director of Naval Architecture. Jeff is responsible for stability analysis, speed /power analysis, weight studies, drafting, structural calculations and design, 3-D design, engine room ventilation and systems design. Kuenning assures regulatory compliance with significant regulatory experience with USCG, ABS, ABYC and other class societies.

Jeff graduated from the University of Michigan with a BSE in naval architecture and marine engineering. He was previously a naval architect and marine engineer with NETSco, Inc. and John W. Gilbert & Associates, Inc.

“It has always been a professional aspiration of mine to become a partner in a firm’s ownership,” said Jeff Kuenning. “To have the opportunity to join a group that is going to help continue the growth of BMD and bring it to new levels is very exciting. This new ownership group will further expand our capabilities and offerings to new and existing clients. In collaboration with Nick, our goal is to position BMD to continue to build upon our strong position in the industry for many years to come.”

Mike Valentine is a marine designer focused on production engineering and ShipConstructor© modelling. Previously, Mike worked with Bath Iron Works, a division of General Dynamics, on the label plates team on DDG 51 and the hull outfit team for DDG 1000. Mike served in the U.S. Army; he was deployed to Iraq and stationed on the Tallil Air Force Base. Mike was also an Army Reservist in the 619th Transportation Company in Auburn, Maine.

A 2013 graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy, James Pilliod is a marine systems engineer. James is a USCG 2nd Assistant Engineer also commissioned in US Navy Reserve. Pilliod worked as a marine engineer aboard ships for Noble Drilling and was on Noble’s delivery engineering team for new builds with Hyundai Heavy Industries.

James also served as a marine engineer onboard various cargo ships and offshore supply vessels. He enjoys working on small sail and power boats in his spare time. He volunteers with Warrior Sailing Program, racing with disabled veterans and teaching them how to sail in team events.

Jack Becker, the naval architect, is responsible for stability analysis, conducting inclining tests, structural calculations, composite engineering, 3D modelling and commercial vessel design. Jack graduated from Webb Institute with dual degrees, Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He previously was an intern for Metal Shark Boats in naval architecture and shipyard production. At Matson, Inc., Jack was an engine and deck cadet in Pacific Ocean operations.

Earlier in 2022, Beck became the lead of BMD’s composite design and engineering team, tasked with expanding the firm’s capabilities to better support production and custom composite boat builders.

Speaking for his new partners, Jack Becker is enthused about the future. “I am incredibly excited for the bright future ahead for Boksa Marine Design,” he said. “These are steps in the right direction to a gradual transition of power and responsibilities years from now. My business partners and I are dedicated to continuing and growing upon the strong BMD reputation within the maritime industry.”

Company Profile

Specializing in full-scale design and naval architecture, BMD vessels are engineered and built to meet class standards and regulatory and flag state requirements, exceeding the operational requirements of their mission. Vast experience in production engineering, 3D modelling and lofting and nesting of metal parts makes BMD the best choice to cover peak engineering loads at busy shipyards in commercial marine, workboat and inland waterways.

Boksa Marine Design (BMD) has completed over 720 naval architecture projects up to 740 feet for 65 clients since 2003, demonstrating high versatility between commercial, military, government, law enforcement, inland waterways and passenger’s vessels. Projects run the gamut from crane barges to survey and patrol boats for Workskiff and North River Boats, and production engineering projects for Conrad Shipyard, Blount Boats, St. Johns Ship Building, VTB and OSG. BMD provided complete design and engineering for DonJon’s 78′ Tug J. Arnold Witte. BMD provided Subchapter T regulatory compliance for Corinthian Catamarans and Cooper Marine.

Boksa Marine Design’s workboats are hardworking commercial vessels that are built to last – engineered for the sea. BMD provides ground-up design for many special projects, including R/V W.T. Hogarth, a 78-foot research vessel and floating laboratory for Florida Institute of Oceanography scientists and students studying the Gulf of Mexico.

BMD has also provided naval architecture and a host of engineering services including refit engineering projects for superyachts and production boats, including Burger Boat Company, Derecktor Shipyards, East Cape, Buddy Davis, Todomar, Toro and many pleasure craft builders around the world.

Boksa Marine Design Log

BMD was founded in 2003 by naval architect and marine engineer, Nicholas Boksa, P.E. Nick graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USSMA) with a B.S. in Marine Engineering Systems. At USMMA, Boksa earned a USCG 3rd assistant engineer merchant mariner license. He attained the rank of Lt. Commander in the U.S. Merchant Marine Reserves and obtained his master’s degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Before launching his own firm, Nick Boksa worked at Burger Boat Company as a naval architect, responsible for hull design, structural engineering, weights and centres, powering and performance, mechanical systems and outfitting for Burger hulls 483 – 493, all semi-displacement motor yachts ranging from 76 – 118 feet.

Boksa then joined Maritrans, Inc. as a naval architect and marine engineer responsible for the design and construction management of a fleet of oceangoing tugboats and large oil tank barges (ATBs). Later, as naval architecture and engineering manager for Davis Boatworks, Boksa designed semi-custom FRP sport fishing yachts up to 70 feet, with the fleet’s speed exceeding 45 knots. Significant experience with iconic, industry leaders in diverse markets is a bonus for BMD’s clients expecting proven engineering and naval architecture solutions.


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