Putin’s Main War Success May Be Global Turmoil


Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, invaded Ukraine six months ago, but the battle there has stalled. Although Moscow’s soldiers are finding it difficult to advance, Kyiv’s forces are also not driving them back as reported by Bloomberg.

Result of conflict

Ukraine and its people have suffered greatly as a result of the conflict, which has also caused significant losses among Russian troops and destroyed a significant portion of their military equipment. We’ll have to wait and see if Putin ultimately benefits from it in Ukraine.

However, if his intention was to stir up unrest more generally, he may already have succeeded.

More than Ukraine’s borders have been affected by the war. The widespread inflation in many nations and the consequent increase in global poverty and despair, it has made the already severe food shortages worse. Although Ukrainian grain has been moving for several months, it is still moving slowly.

Putin is using energy as a tool to intimidate governments in Europe. He is turning the natural gas spigot on and off, driving up costs, and threatening businesses and consumers with a terrible winter.

Russian Slump Far More Shallow Than First Feared

Actual statistics and monthly projections for the Russian economy’s second quarter

While NATO has become more coherent and is adding Sweden and Finland to its membership, Europe and the US have united behind Ukraine, offering it financial and military aid as well as imposing sanctions on Russia. However, the conflict has widened the gap between the Group of Seven countries and what is frequently referred to as the Global South.

African, Asian, and Middle Eastern nations have declined to ratify sanctions and have mainly conducted themselves with Moscow as usual. Some people have taken offence at being urged to adopt a more critical position toward Russia, claiming, among other things, that they cannot do so due to financial constraints.

In Ukraine, very little has gone according to plan for Putin, which is a result of both mistakes made by his own forces and the tenacious resistance of Ukrainians.

But as someone who feeds on spreading chaos throughout the world to increase Russia’s influence, he might believe he has at least partially succeeded in his goal.


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Source: Bloomberg


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