BPA Launches Comprehensive Decarbonisation Maturity Assessment Tool For UK Ports


The British Ports Association (BPA) has launched a new maturity assessment tool to aid ports in measuring and improving their decarbonisation efforts. Announced at the BPA’s annual lunch and AGM in London, this tool, developed by BPA’s Sustainability Advisor Rhona Macdonald with support from the UK Major Ports Group and a cross-industry steering group, allows ports to benchmark their progress anonymously against industry peers. The tool is comprehensive, flexible, and designed to support ports of all sizes and types to achieve net zero emissions.

Key Features of the Maturity Assessment Tool

The tool evaluates and scores progress across eight critical categories: emissions mapping, engagement, emissions targets, transition, improvement, reporting, management, and achievements. By responding to these indicators, ports can measure their efforts in each category and benchmark themselves against industry averages, ensuring privacy and anonymity. This design aims to be user-friendly while maintaining credibility and robustness, complementing existing schemes like Ecoports.

Benefits and Impact on Ports

This tool will help ports identify strengths and weaknesses, target areas needing support, and share best practices within the industry. According to Rhona Macdonald, it provides a credible way for UK ports to measure their decarbonisation efforts and set a clear roadmap for achieving net zero targets. Mike Sellers, BPA Chair, emphasized the importance of such tools in supporting ports’ ambitious decarbonisation plans and highlighted the need for adequate supporting infrastructure.

Industry Support and Future Goals

The tool has received strong support from industry leaders, with Geraint Evans, Chief Executive at the UK Major Ports Group, acknowledging its importance in aiding ports’ decarbonisation strategies. By tracking progress and maturity, the tool helps ports navigate their unique routes to sustainability while following similar strategic steps. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of enhancing the sector’s overall sustainability and ensuring that ports have the necessary energy and infrastructure to meet their decarbonisation targets.

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Source: SEA NEWS