Cyber Resilience Exercise In The Tyrrhenian Sea Enhances Naval Security


A cyber resilience exercise was conducted in the Tyrrhenian Sea aboard the Italian Navy’s aircraft carrier Cavour, involving Italian and French Navy crews. Part of the Mare Aperto 24/Polaris exercise, this initiative tested how cyberattacks could impact naval platforms and mission accomplishment, highlighting the importance of cybersecurity in both military and civilian maritime operations.

Key Partners and Collaborative Efforts

The exercise was a result of a collaboration between DEAS Spa and the Fincantieri Group. DEAS Spa, a key player in developing offensive cyber capabilities for the armed forces, partnered with Fincantieri, a leader in naval vessel manufacturing and cyber-resilient technologies. This partnership aims to enhance cyber resilience and integrate advanced technological solutions into both military and civilian sectors.

Simulated Cyber Scenarios and “Archimedes

During the exercise, crews faced simulated cyber scenarios developed through “Archimedes,” a product designed to generate cyber-attacks and assess the kinetic effects on navigational parameters. This allowed the crews to evaluate defence strategies and their effectiveness in real time. The exercise demonstrated the integration of cyber dimensions into traditional domains, providing valuable insights for both military and civilian applications.

Advancements in Hybrid Conflict Preparedness

The exercises represent a significant leap in the preparedness of the Armed Forces, serving as a live laboratory for testing emerging technological solutions and innovative doctrines. The collaboration between DEAS, Fincantieri, and the Navy highlights the importance of integrating cyber resilience into modern security strategies. These efforts ensure that both military and civilian sectors are better equipped to handle the evolving landscape of hybrid conflicts, enhancing overall security and resilience.

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