British Tourist Rescued Like A Survivor Of The Titanic!


British Tourist Rescued Like A Survivor Of The Titanic After A Swim Back To Cruise Ship


Susan Brown, the British tourist who ‘threw herself into the sea’ following a fight with her husband, has been rescued by fishermen off the island of Madeira after she tried to swim back to her cruise ship.  One of the fishermen who rescued Brown said that she looked like a survivor of the Titanic when they located her, shivering and clinging to her handbag, in the freezing water using torches.

According to the reports, the woman and her husband had earlier disembarked from the Marco Polo cruise ship at Portugal’s Funchal port and decided to fly back to Britain after having an argument and the husband had taken the first flight home.

But the woman wrongly thought that her husband might have been on board the cruise ship and jumped into the water carrying her handbag and started swimming towards the ship.

She was rescued some four hours later and taken to a hospital in Funchal with symptoms of hypothermia.

Source: The Guardian


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