Bulgarian Freighter Collided with Dam at Venice Lagoon


On November 7, a freighter reportedly collided with a dam under construction while exiting the port.

What happened?

The Bulgarian freighter ‘Altenavi’ reportedly collided with dam that was under construction at Venice Lagoon due to strong winds.

The vessel was in ballast after offloading cargo of cereals at Marghera. The freighter was leaving the Marghera port, Venice when the incident occurred.

While exiting, it suddenly veered to starboard and ran onto the crescent-shaped dike with its east-west slopes which were protecting the movable dams of the Mose in the future.

Vessel suffers damage:

The freighter was damaged during the incident as the vessel suffered bow and hull damage also water ingress. The vessel asked for assistance after collision and towed to the Marghera port and berthed for further repairs.

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Source: The New Venice