Captain Killed with Bare Hands? Two Suspects Arrested


On November 7, two officers from a cargo vessel were reportedly arrested after being suspected of killing the Captain.

What happened?

The officers, Dmytro Savinykh and Oleksandr Maltsevdi were arrested after suspicions arose over their involvement in killing the Captain.

The 51 year old Captain Yurii Kharytonov disappeared from the vessel ‘MSC Giannina’ on the night of November 19 and remains untraceable.

Captain suspected to have been killed:

The officers were arrested on the request of the deputy prosecutor Marcello Maresca. The men are suspected to have killed the Captain with bare hands and threw the body into the sea while the vessel was sailing to the port of Genoa.

Vessel detained:

The vessel was detained at the VTE Voltri Terminal Europa until further investigations are completed and the suspects are currently questioned at Marassi’s Circondary House.

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Source: Genova Today


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