Bulk Carrier Broke Lose in Brake


On September 24, a bulk carrier broke away from its moorings after being docked at the pier.

What happened?

The bulk carrier ‘Star Grip’ was reported to have broken away from its moorings at the pier in Brake after the four bow ropes broke under the pressure of the current.

Allided with another bulk carrier

After breaking away from its moorings, the vessel allided with the berthed bulk carrier ‘S Bronco’ which sustained slight damage, minor scratches and grazed paint.

Due to loss of power, the former bulk carrier started drifting towards the fairway of the Weser. The crew managed to start the engine and hold the ship within the fairway against current and wind.

Tugs dispatched

Around midday, the tugs ‘Bugsier 1’ and ‘Bugsier 6’ were called from Bremerhaven to take the ship in tow in Golzwarden and it was moored at the North Pier in Brake.

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Source: NWZ online