Ferry Rescued Distressed Divers


On September 23, five divers were rescued from two boats that broke down off the coast of Rathlin Island.

What happened?

The passenger ferry ‘Rathlin Express’ was diverted after a distress call was issued from one of the boats, which had drifted into high seas.

The lifeboats were also launched from the Red Bay and Portrush and towed the two broken-down vessels to shore.

Divers rescued

The five divers who were from the Viking Sub-Aqua Club in Dublin were rescued with injuries.

The divers narrated their horrifying order how they were caught amidst a storm. The strong waves resulted in one of the boats breaking down and subsequently resulted in a rope between the two boats being snapped after it caught in the propeller by large waves.

They were placed under the mercy of the waves for nearly an hour before being rescued by the Rathlin ferry.

Rescue dispatched

The skipper of the passenger ferry received a distress call from the stricken vessel and rescued the divers from their broken boat amid challenging weather conditions.

The divers were reported to be safe but lightly shaken up due to the incident.

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Source: BBC


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