Bulk Carrier Runs Aground


Panama flagged carrier ignores warning and runs aground off Bhosphorus.


Panama flagged bulk carrier, ran aground in Umeryeri area, Bosphorus, Istanbul at around 0500 hours local time.  The vessel proceeded in the Northern direction ignoring warnings issued by the Istanbul vessel traffic service.  The vessel made an early turning maneuver at Umeryeri causing it to run aground.

The bulk carrier was en route from Vigeroe to the port of Samsun on the Turkish Black Sea coast. Local authorities deployed tugs to the scene immediately, the vessel carrying around 29000 tons of steel remained aground till about 1500 hours after which rescue operations began.

Fortunately, the grounding did not affect the traffic in the strait nor have any oil leaks been reported so far.

Source: Kiyi Emniyeti


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