Bulker Fumigated At Sea


Insect larvae found onboard a bulk vessel, docked at Timaru, prompted the fumigation of the ship at sea.


Highlights of the News :

  • The ship was carrying palm kernel extract from Malaysia to Timaru.
  • As part of a routine inspection by a Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) quarantine officer found a insect larvae on board the bulker, on Tuesday.
  • MPI instructed the ship’s operator to choose an option to manage the potential biosecurity risk posed by the larvae.
    •  waiting for identification of the larvae species before deciding on further action.
    • undergoing treatment,
    • destroying the cargo or re-shipment.
  • The vessel’s operator chose to treat the larvae by fumigation.
  • The fumigant used was highly poisonous and meant the ship had to be sent out to sea.

MPI regularly intercepts biosecurity risk items from vessels/cargo, the spokesman said.

“Overseas vessels always pose a biosecurity risk, which is why MPI has a full-time quarantine officer based at the Timaru port.”

Source: Stuff.co.nz