Cargo Ship Seized With 13 Tons of POT For Europe


Late on Tuesday, Turkish security forces seized a vessel in international waters and recovered 13 tons of illicit drugs from it.

Cargo Ship

Highlights :

  • Security forces captured 13.6 tons of marijuana in powder form, reportedly planned to be distributed to European countries
  • Vessel’s power was shut down and communication channels were deactivated ahead of the operation to prevent outside contact
  • Ten foreigners aboard a Bolivian-flagged vessel off the coast of Libya have been detained
  • Operation was successful despite bad weather conditions in the Mediterranean Sea
  • The vessel will be taken to southern Mersin port or to Marmaris port in the southwest with tugboats

The Interior Ministry said it was Turkey’s first security operation in international waters.  Ministry officials also said the 13 tons of marijuana was the biggest amount of illegal narcotics seized in a single operation.

Source: Anadolu Ajansı