The Bunker Spill Saga


Bunker Spill: 100 Litres at Philippine Oil Depot; 25 Gallons into Illinois River


100 Litres at Philippine Oil Depot:

Chevron Corporation (Chevron), the Philippine unit of U.S. oil major has confirmed 100 litres bunker spill in Batangas Bay.  The leak was discovered at 5 pm local time (0900 GMT) on Tuesday.  Workers were loading bunkers when they suddenly identified the leak. Bunkering operations were immediately suspended.  The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG’s) Marine Environment Protection Command along with  Policy, Government and Public Affairs at Chevron were at the scene estimating the loss.  The leak was fully contained as of 7 pm after deploying booms.

25 Gallons into Illinois River:

A boat spilt 25 gallons of waste oil into the Illinois river.  The spill was reported around 7:30 p.m. Monday evening near Spring Valley.  The owner of the boat has contracted a private cleanup crew.  The crew has deployed hard booms after which the spill is considered to be contained.  The cleanup operations are still underway.

Source: Reuters and News Tribune



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