Calls For Coronial Inquest On Seafarer’s Death



The International Transport Workers’ Federation calls for a coronial inquest into the death of a healthy young  Filipino seafarer on board a Panamanian registered coal carrier.


  • The Filipino seafarer was diagnosed with tonsillitis in China.
  • With no treatment the seafarer died on 19 December 2015 on board the coal Carrier.
  • The other nine crew members also complained of similar symptoms, but were asked to pay $500 each for a medical checkup.
  • Finally the ship was forced to stop in Mackay so that the crew members could seek medical treatment.

International Transport Workers Federation Australia, national co-ordinator Dean Summers said that he was saddened to hear of the tragic death of the young man.  He further added that this came at a time when Australian seafarers were fighting to keep their jobs over Flag of Convenience crews.

Source: Daily Mercury