Can Thermal Imaging spot Cargo Hold Fires?


Thermal Imaging Helped to Contain Fire Aboard a Cargo Ship


On Friday, thermal imaging helped to spot and contain fire on a cargo ship that was moored on Maydon Wharf, Durban, South Africa.

Reports say that the cargo ship was loading soya when a staff smelt smoke coming out of a cargo hold.  Durban Fire department used thermal imaging to pinpoint a fire in the cargo hold of a ship.  Department Commander, Trevor Stevens, said they used a thermal imaging camera to locate it.

A mechanical grabber, which is used to load and offload goods from a ship, helped the rescue team to scoop out the fire affected area and brought it ashore.

While the above is a news, MFAME is anxious and have contacted thermographic experts with below questions:

  1. Thermal imaging cameras – can spot or has to be taken close to suspected fire zones.
  2. How close they should be taken? Is there any limitation on the temperature output subject to distance scanned?
  3. Is there any ready interpretation of thermal imaged colors and temperatures?
  4. At what color or temperature does an alarm should be raised?
  5. Is there any ready guide for end users to understand the thermal image color spectrum?

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Source: IOL


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