Can you write like Albert Einstein?



                         Not many can achieve the heights of Albert Einstein, but writing like him is made possible now with a new font “Albert Einstein” font. The launch is made for marking the 100th Anniversary of Einstein’s General theory of relativity Fonts are based on the writings of Albert Einstein himself.The goal of $7000 is raised for the project out of $15000 through Kickstarter website.

                The idea was developed by Typographer Harald Geisler and former dancer Liz Waterhouse, when the latter looked at the words printed in a napkin in Frankfurt. She then asked Geisler to develop such a font.Geisler extended the idea based on the penmanship of Innovative thinkers.

                 The letters were taken from Einstein Archives to develop a prototype.  Several variations for each font were given combining with which they produced different ways of writing.  This made the font look more natural.

                  Phil Marshall, an astrophysicist in California said  “Einstein’s equations were beautiful, so it makes sense that their presentation should be as well.”   It is to be mentioned that Geisler produced a font based on Sigmund Freud’s handwriting.