What next after AWWA Sky Whale?



Oscar Vinal had crafted a plane (AWWA Sky Whale), which is now the future aircraft flying successfully. This aircraft is the revolution of green air travel and can accommodate 755 passengers. His next new design is upcoming now called the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle. The astonishing factor of this project is predicted that the future of travel will be as triple decker aircraft with zero carbon emissions.

Rather than relying on traditional fossil fuels, the plane would rely on 6 hydrogen engines to lift the plane off the ground. The aircraft would also be fitted with a rear engine that would double as a wind turbine, and solar panels on the roof and wings.

Best Aspects of AWWA -QG Progress Eagle

  1. Capacity to generate its own energy.
  2. A noiseless Aircraft.
  3. Can Accommodate 800 passengers.
  4. New passenger class in the front of the plane.
  5. Pilot class with panoramic view.

Expecting private rooms, Shops and Restaurants to make long travel feel more comfortable and delighted. The Launch of this project is expected in the year 2030.