Captain of a Container Vessel Found the Boat of the Missing Florida Teens



Captain of the multipurpose supply ship Edda Fjord, reportedly found the floating boat of Florida teens about 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda.  The boat, which was floating in the shipping lane, was reportedly removed from the water by the crew of the ship, which was returning to Norway.  Personal items including a cell phone and plastic tackle boxes were found on board and the boat, which is in a shipping container, will be shipped to Florida in May.

Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, both 14, had left Jupiter Inlet, Florida, in the boat and never returned.  Lengthy searches turned up no clues.  The Coast Guard initially located the boat off New Smyrna Beach, but a company hired to retrieve it couldn’t find it later.

“On behalf of Perry’s entire family we would like to thank the Captain of the Norwegian Ship Edda Fjord and his crew of 16 for all your efforts in recovering and salvaging the Vessel in which our son and his dear friend disappeared on.  We sincerely appreciate the generosity of you and your company Edda Accommodation in financing the shipment of the vessel and private belongings back to the United States.  The actions of yourself, crew and company will hopefully provide more details for us with the hopes of finding out what exactly happened to our son and his friend”.

The Perry J. Cohen Foundation

Pamela Cohen & Nick Korniloff

Source: CNN


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