Tanker Caught Fire Kills One in Caspian Sea


Tanker Caught Fire and Kills One in Caspian Sea


On April 23, Russian tanker caught fire and claimed the life of a ship’s mechanic in the Caspian Sea off Turkmenistan.  Reports say that  ignition source is believed to be on the deck of the vessel.  One other Russian vessel rushed to the spot and evacuated all ten remaining crew members to safety.

“We confirm the death of a single person.  It was a mechanic. There were 11 crewmembers onboard, and 10 of them have been evacuated by a vessel belonging to the same company. They will be delivered to Astrakhan,” a source in the Emergency Ministry said.

Russian Emergency Ministry reportedly are planning to send amphibious firefighting aircraft to extinguish the fire on the vessel.  The vessel is let to burn out in the caspian sea, since it gets impractical to put off the fire in a drifting vessel which is far away from Russian shores, reports say.

So far there were no reports of environmental pollution due to the incident and the Emergency Ministry reportedly said that the tanker didn’t carry any oil products and its tanks were only filled with seawater as ballast.

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Source: RT


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