Captain’s Swift Act Saves 350 Lives

The timely action of a tanker’s watch saved all the 350 passengers of a ferry on the Muri Ganga River on 23rd november.


Three Bangladeshi oil tankers from Kolkata were passing near Sagar Island, due south of Kolkata, India.  A passenger ferry carrying 350 passengers on the Muri Ganga River tried to overtake the final tanker in the line.

The captain of the tanker reduced the speed in order to give way but found that the ferry was in danger so he continuously warned and signalled the ferry about the danger.  The captain of the ferry ignored the warning and increased his speed and crashed onto the tanker.

The tanker’s watch who understood the situation carried out instant rescue operation and saved all the 350 lives in the ferry.  His timely action averted a major accident and loss of life.  The ferry faced only minimal damage.  No injuries or loss of life was reported.  Only the belongings of the passengers were lost in the accident.

The captain of the ferry who was solely responsible for this accident was handed over to the local authorities when they reached the Sagar Island.

It is suspected that the ferry captain was under the influence of alcohol when he was on duty.  He was immediately suspended from his duties.

In India and Bangladesh such ferry accidents have become common claiming the lives of a number of people.  In the past 10 months statistics show that there were around 78 deaths exclusively due to ferry accidents.

Source: India Today