Car Carriers Upgrades Onboard Connectivity


Car Carriers

Satellite operator Inmarsat and South Korean antenna manufacturer Intellian, in a joint operation, have announced a deal with EUKOR Car Carriers.

EUKOR selected Intellian’s GX100 terminals for its 27 vessels with connectivity powered by Inmarsat’s high capacity GX service.  This service was initially limited to the Indian Ocean region.  It is expected to expand gradually to worldwide coverage once all three of the satellite operator’s new satellites go operational (anticipated by Q2 next year).

A EUKOR representative. Intellian chief executive Eric Sung reinforced this view: he commented: “The eventual installation of Fleet Xpress on 27 of our vessels represents another step in optimising our fleet in terms of operational efficiency, vessel safety and environmental performance, Broadband connectivity [at sea] is no longer merely a ‘nice-to-have’: It is essential for efficient shipboard management and crew welfare.”

In this scenario, bridge system manufacturer Furuno is to market Iridium’s satellite communication services under a new partnership.  This will be initially in its home territory of Japan.  The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will create a new portfolio of satcoms services, which may include Iridium’s Pilot antennas, powered by the connectivity provider’s OpenPort broadband service and Iridium’s GO! Wi-Fi hotspot device, among other inventory.  In future, it will build on the capabilities of Iridium NEXT, the satellite operator’s next-generation satellite constellation.

Source: IMarEST