Cargo Ship Banned For Non-Compliance


AMSA Bans Cargo Ship For Non-Compliance For Second Time

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority(AMSA) has banned a general cargo ship for deficiencies found on board for the second-time in a period less than twelve months.


The general cargo ship has been banned from entering any Australian port for its non-compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention and for its deficiencies on board the ship.


  • In visits to Australian ports over the past year, the vessel has also failed to comply with all the mandatory reporting requirements for vessels transiting the Great Barrier Reef area.
  • In September 2015, the vessel was banned for three months for its non-compliance with the Australian maritime regulations.
  • The vessel entered the Australian waters on 26th January 2016, and was subject to a port state control inspection in Port Alma, Queensland.  The vessel was detained for non-compliance.

On a continuous failure in complying with regulations, the indications show that the vessel is unable to ensure compliance with the Safety of Life at Sea Convention, the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and the Maritime Labour Convention.  Hence, the vessel will remain in place for twelve months, until February 2, 2017.

AMSA Chief Executive Officer, Mick Kinley, said: “The performance of this vessel is completely unacceptable.  Unsafe vessels put the lives of seafarers at risk and pose a threat to Australia’s marine environment.  Operators and charterers of ships that repeatedly fail to meet Australian standards need to accept that these ships are not welcome in Australian waters.”


Source: AMSA


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