Cargo Ship Jiang Xia Xiang Capsizes



On July 23rd oil tanker Bai Chi carrying about 30,000 tons of crude oil, reportedly flouted rules, resulting in a collision with cargo vessel Jiang Xia Xiang, laden with 7000 tonnes of stone.  The collision occurred when the cargo ship was berthed at Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao Port.  The Jiang Xia Xiang suffered extensive damage to its portside resulting in uncontrolled water ingress.  The Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Centre deployed 8 rescue ships and managed to rescue the crew of 16, who were later brought ashore. A small fuel leak has been reported as a result.  Oil containment booms have been placed around Jiang Xia Xiang while investigations are underway.

The Bai Chi sustained damage to its bow but reported no water ingress or pollution.  Now berthed at Waigaoqiao port safely.

Details of the ships:

The Jiang Xia Xiang is of overall length 111.00 m, with a moulded beam of 16.00 m and a maximum draft of 7.00 m, 41,983 DWt and the gross tonnage is 26,992 GRT; operated by Huayuan Shipping.

The Bai Chi is operated by China Shipping Development Tanker, is a 2007 built tanker with an overall length of  188.00 m, moulded beam of 32.00 m and the maximum draft of 10.00 m, 41,983dwt.