Cargo Ship Runs Aground Before Drifting


A cargo ship ran aground under the Skye Bridge before it began drifting sideways across the shipping lane toward rocks, reports Ross-shire journal.

Kyle lifeboat was called out

Kyle lifeboat was called out to the incident at about 15:25 on Friday but was unable to contact anyone on the 88m (289ft) ship by radio. The life boat was sent after the Coastguard received multiple reports.

The ship eventually managed to restore power and made its way to a nearby pier at the Kyleakin Fish plant.

Vessel propulsion restored

A Kyle lifeboat spokesperson said “When we arrived on scene the situation was serious, the vessel was no longer aground, but was floating broadside across the shipping channel and was drifting dangerously close to the bridge and nearby rocks.”

The vessel’s crew were not answering VHF radio calls and were not responding to the lifeboat crews attempts to make contact with them, but luckily the vessel managed to restore propulsion and made her own way the short distance to the Mow pier in Kyle akin.”

Portree lifeboat was also called out but was stood down before arriving at the bridge.

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Source: Ross-shire Journal


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