Is Vaccination The Key for Preventing COVID Winter Spike?


As Covid-19 has rampaged around the world for the past two years, the disease has defied simple forecasting, reports CNN.

Are vaccines doing their job? 

“It’s not clear what proportion of the population must be inoculated to attain community immunity,” wrote Dr. Jonathan Reiner, “but Belgium currently has one of the world’s highest Covid-19 case rates despite having completely vaccinated 74% of its population.”

Germany, which “has vaccinated 10% more of its population than the United States,” is seeing its disease rate hit record levels.

But the vaccines are working. “To prevent a large winter Covid-19 spike, we must first and foremost vaccinate millions of people and do so quickly,” Reiner observed. The latest Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that 20% of American adults say they will definitely not get the vaccine or will do so only if required. 

Vaccine mandate policy 

For many in this hard-core resistant minority, only a mandate linked to their job is likely to sway their decision. The US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit temporarily blocked President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, which was set to fully take effect in January.

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Source: CNN


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