Caterpillar Wins Platts Innovation Award


Cat “Twin Fin” system is recognized as the Commercial Application of the Year at the 17th annual Platts Global Energy Awards.


Caterpillar secured the prestigious award for the Commercial Application of the Year category at the 17th annual Platts Global Energy Awards in New York.

With its innovative design and energy-saving potential across a range of ship types, it offers substantial efficiency gains.

Highlights of the twin fin system:

  • It is a new short-shaft diesel electric set-up.
  • The system shows significant fuel and emissions-saving benefits of up to 30%.
  • It is tested on board two seismic survey vessels of Ulstein SX124 design.
  • This new engine solution will yield energy savings of at least [15-20%] for other vessel types.
  • The system is well-suited to vessels operating in harsh conditions, notably ice.

How does it work?

The twin fin system comprises a compact electric motor and gearbox, connected via a short drive shaft to controllable pitch propellers, the performance of which is optimized by the two tailor-made fins attached to the hull.  If dynamic positioning is required, tunnel thrusters can be attached either to the fins or on the central skeg between them.

The twin fin system was originally developed by Caterpillar in partnership with Odense Maritime Technology and Scandinavian Marine Group to reduce the risk of damage to propulsion systems on board vessels operating in the Arctic.  Now, however, spectacular energy savings achieved on board the two seismic vessels indicate that the technology has a far wider range of possible applications.

Source: Setcorp