CISCO Ushers a New Wave of Technology?


  • Cisco launches a technology to resolve unforeseen network difficulties. 
  • The process would be initiated by the system capturing the data to understand customers’ patterns of usage. 
  • Introduction of new technologies by Cisco has been forecasted to underestimate Traditional Technologies. 

Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.O) revealed a technology on Wednesday that it claims can identify difficulties on enterprise networks before they occur, allowing it to avoid problems and improve reliability, says an article published in Reuters.  

Working of the technology

Unveiling the patterns

The predictive software engine will capture data from numerous sources across a company’s network, understand patterns, and assist engineers in identifying hardware faults, bandwidth surges, and app configuration changes before they become problematic. 

Cisco Chief Executive Officer Chuck Robbins revealed in an interview with Reuters “A dedicated team of about 30 people have been working on this over the last two years and we will apply this technology to a broad range of products and services over the next few years.” 

Enhancing Experiences 

Traditional Technology v/s Modern Technology

Cisco has tested the technology with roughly 15 clients, including Phillips 66 and Schneider Electric. Cisco supplies a variety of networking equipment and software to link devices to the internet. 

What differentiates traditional technologies from Cisco initiated technology is that ‘Traditional systems’ can identify problems and respond only when they occur, but Robbins believes that if networks can forecast problems and make changes ahead of time, users will have a much better experience.

Imminent Schemes

In June, Cisco Live, the company’s annual networking conference, expects to disclose the product’s initial integrations and offers.

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Source: Reuters


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