CLARION Project Enhances European Ports’ Resilience


  • CLARION, funded by Horizon Europe, aims to bolster European ports’ resilience against climate-related challenges, with a budget of €7 million.
  • Partnering with top ports like Rotterdam, Antwerp/Bruges, and Hamburg, CLARION focuses on smart technologies and strategies to combat climate disruptions.
  • The project aligns with EU climate strategies, emphasizing sustainability and resilience in port infrastructure.

CLARION Project, initiated in Rotterdam and Delft, Netherlands, seeks to fortify European ports against climate-induced threats. With a substantial budget from Horizon Europe, CLARION targets innovative solutions to safeguard ports’ operations amidst climate change uncertainties.

Objectives and Initiatives

CLARION’s primary goal is to enhance the operational resilience of European ports during extreme weather events. Through 10 pilot demonstrators, the project will explore advanced technologies like smart quay walls and flood impact control systems. These initiatives align with EU climate strategies, promoting low-emission transport systems and minimizing environmental impact.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaborating with leading ports and stakeholders like Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Port of Constanta, and Hamburg Port Authority, CLARION fosters knowledge exchange and mutual learning. By promoting innovation and modern technologies, CLARION aims to future-proof port infrastructures and enhance efficiency. The project’s outcomes are expected to benefit not only the port communities but also the broader logistics chains.

Vision for a Sustainable Future

CLARION’s commitment to climate-resilient port infrastructure mirrors the EU’s broader agenda for climate neutrality by 2050. By leveraging innovative means such as drones, sensors, and AI, CLARION seeks to transform port operations and ensure long-term sustainability. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, CLARION aspires to pave the way for a resilient and sustainable future for European ports.

About CLARION Project

CLARION (Climate Resilient Port Infrastructure) is a Horizon Europe-funded initiative aimed at enhancing the resilience, sustainability, and security of European ports. With a consortium of 21 partners from 10 European countries, CLARION aims to develop innovative solutions to mitigate climate change impacts on port infrastructure. Embracing EU climate strategies and sustainability goals, CLARION endeavors to contribute to Europe’s efforts in combating climate change and building a greener future.

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Source: Port of Hamburg


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